Web Typography

A collection of portfolios
designed and coded by
Umass Dartmouth's fall
2019 web typography class.

Buyuan Chen
An ink artist from China currently studying graphic design in the U.S. with a background in painting.

Gwen Laws
A graphic design major currently located in the greater Boston area with an interest in web design, typography, and textiles.

Haley Dunn
A graphic design major based in Methuen, Massachusetts with an interest in web design, typography, and photography.

Isa Mingola
A graphic design major with a passion for poster and information design and a love for brand identity and web design. With work influenced by traditional mediums she enjoys making designs that also incorporate fine arts and illustration.

Isa Simpson
A Connecticut located graphic design major with interests that also span photography, illustration, and fashion design.

Jourdan Henderson
A senior at UMass Dartmouth looking to work as a 2D concept artist focusing on game art.

Lei Busby
A multifaceted graphic design major from Stoughton, Massachusetts that also works freelance with art covers and music promotions as well as creating music of their own.

Lyndsey Getchell
A passionate graphic designer looking to carve out a career in the graphic design world.

Matt DeStoop
A graphic designer from Holbrook, Massachusetts with an associates from Massasoit Community College currently studying at UMass Dartmouth.

Michael DeSouza
A graphic designer, illustrator, and all around artist with a love of comics.

Steve Stromski
A graphic design major minoring in business with an interest in comics, film, video games, and all around pop culture looking to create for the poster design or logo design field.

Yanira Ramirez
A passionate designer with an associates in graphic design currently attending UMass Dartmouth for her BFA with the long-term goal of creating her own small business.